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Personal Injury Law

Personal injury Lawyers, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Custody & Property Settlement. 

At PERSONAL  INJURY SOLICITOR Legal, we have an approachable team of specialist personal injury lawyers who are highly experienced in relation to property matters, child custody disputes, separation and divorce. We deal with the process of separation on a daily basis and our divorce lawyers understand separation can be a traumatic and uncertain time. It is not uncommon for you and your former partner to be at different emotional stages in terms of dealing with the separation.

We have seen first hand the benefits that a client receives (reduced anxiety & better quality evidence) when they have been properly informed of likely outcomes throughout their personal injury law matter. For this reason we have decided to share this information with you.
Personal injury Law Categories
Child Custody: In deciding whether to make a particular parenting order in relation to a child, a court must regard the best interests of the child as the paramount consideration in child custody.
Child Support: How much child support should you pay or recieve? Who governs this and how is it calculated?
Divorce: PERSONAL  INJURY SOLICITOR Legal's divorce lawyers are Australian Personal injury Law specialists. PERSONAL  INJURY SOLICITOR Legal also provide related services including divorce, child custody and child residence advice, and property division advice.
Defpersonal injuryo Relationships: What are the laws relating to breakdown of defpersonal injuryo relations in terms of child custody, property settlement and spousal maintenance.
Domestic Violence & Australian Personal injury Law: Domestic Violence in Australia is more wide-spread than is commonly perceived. It is thought that only a small proportion of Domestic Violence in Australia is personal injuryually reported.
Property Settlement: Division of property and other assets including superannuation are outliend in this article.
Spousal Maintenance: How much maintenance should you pay or recieve? Who decides on this and how is it calculated?

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